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Bringing UP FATHER by George McManus, Zeke Zekley - Comic Strip

Bringing UP FATHER

Comic Strip


Planche du dimanche du 12 juin 1938 de la famille ILLICO Grand classique américain.
JIGGS & MAGGIE sont deux personnages classiques de l'Age d'Or et McManus caricature avec une divine finesse le REVE AMERICAIN par le conflit qu'il provoque entre le Mari émigré qui a réussi mais dont le seul désir est de continuer à jouer avec ses potes (chez DINTY) et sa femme parvenue qui ne pense qu'à fréquenter "la haute Société"

About George McManus

George McManus was born of Irish parents in Saint Louis, Missouri in 1884. He dropped out of school at age fifteen and started working at the Saint Louis Republic. This newspaper published his first comic, 'Alma and Oliver'. In 1904, after winning some money, he moved to New York and was employed by the New York World. For this journal, he worked on several running stories, such as 'Snoozer', 'The Merry Marcelene', 'Panhandle Pete', 'Ready Money Ladies', 'Let George Do It', 'Cheerful Charlie' and 'Nibsby the Newsboy in Funny Fairyland'. In 1904, McManus created 'The Newlyweds', about an elegant young couple and their baby, Snookums. This series, the first family strip in an American newspaper, became quite popular and caused rival newspaper The New York American to invite McManus to work for them, which he did from 1912 on. He continued 'The Newlyweds', now renamed 'Their Only Child', and started up several other daily comics, like 'Rosie's Beau', 'Love Affairs of a Mutton Head', 'Spareribs and Gravy' and the famous 'Bringing Up Father'. George McManus has influenced a great number of artists, including Hergé and Joost Swarte. With his subtle but relentless humor, he described American society, ridiculing its insatiable desire for luxury and its egotism. Text (c) Lambiek

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