For sale - Arsène Lupin-scène de salon by Benoît Springer - Illustration

Arsène Lupin-scène de salon

Ink wash
Encre de chine sur papier
25 x 32.5 cm (9.84 x 12.8 in.)
Price : 300 €  [$]


Illustration réalisée pour les éditions Hachette


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About Benoît Springer

Benoît Springer studied Plastic Arts in Bordeaux and joined the comics section of the École de l'Image in Angoulême afterwards. He contributed a story to the collective 'Les Enfants du Nil' series before even having obtained his degree. He teamed up with comics writer Christophe Gibelin to create the 'Terres d'Ombres' series. His interest in comics already showed while he was in college, when he launched a fanzine. Inspired by artists like Wendling, Frazetta, Bisley and Mignola, Benoît Springer is a promising comics artist. He launched the 'Volunteer' series along with writer Muriel Sevestre in August 2002.

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