For sale - Antique Détective Agency by Antonio Lapone - Original Cover

Antique Détective Agency

Original Cover
30 x 20 cm (11.81 x 7.87 in.)
Price : 100 €  [$]
Affiche de l'expo


Signé en bas à droite


Encre fin noir réalisé sur papier japon signé Lapone
Cette illustration originale a été conçue pour la couverture BD Club.
L'affiche d'exposition organisée par BD Club Genève, signée et datée par Lapone est ajoutée avec l'original.
Format A4

About Antonio Lapone

Antonio Lapone, who uses the pseudonym Lapis, is a comic artist, designer and illustrator from Turin. He works in a style inspired by the Clear Line movement of the 1980s, of which French artists like Yves Chaland, Serge Clerc and Jean-Claude Floc'h were the main representatives. He has been working as an advertising artist since the 1990s, and has been making comics on the side. Among his early work were a couple of covers for the Italian Disney publications, as well as a story starring 'Paperinik' ('Superdonald'). Lapone published the first story of his retro-styled 1950s heroin 'Desy Blonde' in 1999. Other creations include 'The Amazing Lapis-Man' and 'Gek lo Squartatrote'. Lapone has published several books with French and Swiss publishers. Paquet published two books of the detective comic 'A.D.A.', one written by Pierre Vanloffelt (2001) and the other by Régis Hautière (2006). He wrote and drew the installment about vocal group The Platters in Éditions Nocturne's musical collection 'BD Voices' (2006), and he drew the installment about Stravinsky in Éditions BDMusic's series 'BD Classique' (2010). Music was also a theme in the chronicle he made with Régis Hautière, 'Accords Sensibles' (Glénat, 2011). Text (c) Lambiek

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