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Tales to Astonish 39 1962 Author : juka

Fun page!

Posted on: 3/7/21, 3:16 PM
Batman Convention Drawing Author : BC

Très réussi ce Batman.

Posted on: 2/28/21, 9:55 AM
Tales to Antonish 45. Antman Author : Milk

I agree in 1964 in this tales to Astonish 45, Don Heck didn't have those slightly bizarre body distortions that fueled his production in the 1950s. I agree Heck's middle work in the 1960s does not show as many flaws. Look at the faces. Plenty of charactor! Early Heck was based on Kirby in Avengers 1 to 8. Later Heck by Avengers 39 was influenced by Buscema. In the 1970s until 1993, in his later work Heck shows a certain loose pencil style as a designer who drew effortlessly because he possessed immense talent. Heck's early pencils were tight. Stan Lee would not allow Heck to draw many early covers. Maybe Avengers 11. I never criticize Heck's work. John Buscema joined marvel superheros later, 2 years after this page. John Buscema for worked with Heck later on and shared jobs. Heck was an artist of fame since about 1952.! Heck did horror and even some romance. I see Don Heck knew how to lay out a story and tell a story. Heck was a story teller, and a good inker. Heck did not have a style of characters jumping out of the book, like Jack Kirby. Kirby, was the #1 Marvel artist. He did the covers to sell the books Heck did a good job on Iron Man in 1963 with great charactorization and story telling. The Avengers by Heck was difficult to draw with so many charactoers. It was hard to develop charactorization of all 8 Avengers. Heck draws interesting faces. Rarely do his characters look the same. In any case, this is a weaker board, but i like it because of the story telling. This page has several main heros and villains and moves the story forward. Thank you for your congratulations! I am happy you enjoy!.😃

Posted on: 2/20/21, 2:03 AM
Tales to Antonish 45. Antman Author : mmaillot

J'adore cette période de Don Heck, celle des pré hero et leurs débuts notamment ici dans Tales to Astonish. Il n'avait pas ces distorsions un peu bizarres des corps qui alimentaient sa production fin des années 70 et la suite. Ce n'est pas qu'elles montraient particulièrement des défauts, mais pour moi elle révélait un certain manque de confiance chez un dessinateur qui possédait pourtant un talent immense. Cette planche en est la preuve s'il en fallait. Je me souviens qu'il avait été désespéré par Stan dans un de ces mauvais jour qui avait critiqué son travail. Le moral au plus bas il était venu voir son voisin et ami de longue date John Buscema pour qu'il l'aide et le conseille pour savoir ce qu'il devait faire ! Quand on voit ce que Don savait faire et son style, lui demander de faire du Kirby, c'était quand même un vrai gâchis. En tout cas superbe planche, félicitations !

Posted on: 2/19/21, 10:25 PM
It's a stat plus a negative too! . . . .The black acetone master plate embossing film is show just below. Author : Milk!?! -yes. It's the only full size stat and proof negative that i have ever seen. I never see these for sale together with the original art pages.

Posted on: 11/22/20, 12:59 AM
It's a stat plus a negative too! . . . .The black acetone master plate embossing film is show just below. Author : blackagar

cool... and cheaper than the original page

Posted on: 11/21/20, 10:43 PM
Miror Man Author : Milk

my whole collection for this board! ??? So funny.....😃 (Do you collect popsicle sticks?)

Posted on: 9/7/20, 2:02 PM
Movie Humor Author : Milk

I believe these to be 1930's "pitch art," for editor Fred Witters to select magazine cover designs for publication from a range of layout designs submitted by artists like Cardwell Higgins.

Posted on: 9/6/20, 6:11 PM
Movie Humor Author : morrissey

Je ne connais pas mais très joli !

Posted on: 9/6/20, 5:50 PM
The Phantom. "Caught" Author : YoannB

Nice strip!

Posted on: 9/6/20, 7:58 AM
Batman Convention Drawing Author : Milk

Becoolman: Actually Neil and Leigh are 2 local friends of mine who met Gene Colan at a local show, and are bothers. These 2cbrothers do everything together, including comics art. I am sure they were in awe watching Colan draw it. Neil and Leigh are big fans of Colan and i was fortunate to pry this drawing from them, to have thus included as part of a a bigger deal.

Posted on: 9/5/20, 5:37 PM
Batman Convention Drawing Author : becoolman

You can easily see the picture. 2 guys come. One couple..the husband Want a Batman from the legendary Dean the Gene Colan. He draws the sketch. Then when it s time for the inking... he talks... and then he found them nice... and then when asking their names he adds. Your friend Gene Colan . Gene often gives drawing for free when he was Young.

Posted on: 9/5/20, 1:03 PM
Batman Convention Drawing Author : becoolman

En tant que dessin de convention cad commission, c est sympa ! Ça fait le taf . Oui on voit commandé" comicon "..cela se voit. Cool !

Posted on: 9/5/20, 12:51 PM
Lil Abner Author : Takoum

Nice one !

Posted on: 9/2/20, 3:06 PM
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