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Jamie Hewlett Tank Girl episode 17 page 1 Owner : omega87

I love Tank Girl and would love to be able to have an original page like this one in my collection, so super congratulations!

Posted on: 8/16/23, 6:17 PM
Little Bird #5, pg. 11 Owner : markv

Ian Bertram is one of the very best and Little Bird was such an achievement! Congrats!

Posted on: 4/1/23, 6:23 AM
Alack Sinner / L’ Affaire Filmore Owner : Fritz

A truly Master of the medium! Congrats on those amazing acquisitions!

Posted on: 3/26/23, 12:35 AM
Dirigeables Owner : Bidibulle

Congrats on this gorgeous artwork!

Posted on: 2/3/23, 10:48 PM
Kung-Fu Comics starring Dynamite Diva (2022) Cover Owner : Griffen

Awesome, congrats! My opinion is Jasper will definitely be relevant in the future so very well done in getting this great cover now!

Posted on: 1/22/23, 1:03 PM
Mccay, Winsor - Little Nemo in Slumberland, Sunday, 12-30-1906 Owner : ChrisK

I already praised this artwork on CAF but congratulations for this achievement will never be too much, so Super Congrats!

Posted on: 1/22/23, 12:50 PM
C'est bien d'être Krazy dans la vie Owner : Zenitram


Posted on: 11/8/22, 3:27 PM
Richard Sala - Delphine 1 - p03 tier2 Owner : driesdewulf

What an amazing collection of Richard Sala originals you have, I have a strip of Delphine and almost feel guilty it is not in your collection...almost :) Super congratulations!

Posted on: 7/25/22, 7:04 PM
Harley Quinn - Issue #14, variant cover Owner : p4intkillr

Your eyes are not wrong, congrats!

Posted on: 7/16/22, 4:50 PM
Cover Spirit - Warren magazine Owner : Parker

Gorgeous!!! SUPER congrats!

Posted on: 6/20/22, 6:14 PM
Groo: Hell on Earth Owner : GR

Super congrats! When I went after this one and contacted the gallery it was already sold! This one I gregret for sure to be too slow to decide.

Posted on: 5/18/22, 6:21 AM
Couverture du magazine Revista Conque n°2 Owner : Nosmile

A modern master in my opinion with a very unique voice and stories to make us dream

Posted on: 4/23/22, 2:47 PM
La Grande Traversée - Cover Owner : icomeinpeace

One of my favorite albuns of all time! A dream!

Posted on: 4/16/22, 1:55 PM
Asterix et Cléopatre - Page 21 Owner : icomeinpeace

So many fantastic memories...thanks for sharing and super congrats!

Posted on: 4/15/22, 10:42 PM
Quick et Flupke by Herge 1930 Owner : comixfan

I bet there are lots of museums that would love for you to lend this artwork for them to exhibit it, it would bring lots of attention for sure, congrats!

Posted on: 4/5/22, 7:23 PM
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