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Xiii by Philippe Xavier - Illustration



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About Philippe Xavier

Philippe Xavier was born in Bordeaux. He studied advertising in Argentina, and then worked in Chile. Between 1991 and 2003 he worked in the USA. There he started publishing comics under the name "Philip Xavier" in 1996. Xavier had a popular 18 issue run on the fantasy series 'Legendlore' for Caliber Comics, and also worked for comic books by Marvel ('Astonishing X-Men') and Peregrine Entertainment ('Books of Lore'). He also worked for periodicals like Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated and Heavy Metal. Back in France he settled in Lyon, where he created his first European comic album, 'Le Souffle' (written by Ange), for Soleil Productions in the Summer of 2003. Also from scripts by Ange, he drew volumes 2 through 4 of the series 'Paradis Perdu', which was originally drawn by Alberto Varanda. Xavier moved over to Le Lombard in 2006, where he began his critically acclaimed series 'Croisade' with Jean Dufaux. After four books, Xavier and Dufaux continued with the sequel 'Nomade' in 2010, before starting the series 'Conquistador' at Glénat in 2012. The artist additionally teamed up with Nathalie Sergeef for the historical series 'Hyver 1709' in Glénat's Grafica collection in 2015. Text (c) Lambiek