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Victor Sébastopol - La malédiction de Mének-Enphis II by Jacques Devos, Hubuc - Original art

Victor Sébastopol - La malédiction de Mének-Enphis II

Original art
Colored Pencil
25 x 35 cm (9.84 x 13.78 in.)


Série de Bande dessinée franco-belge humoristique créée en 1962 par Jacques Devos et Hubuc.
Crayonnés préparatoires (planche 3) relatifs à une histoire complète (2 pages – 4 planches), dont la parution, dans le Journal de Spirou date de mai 1963 (Spirou n°1307).

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About Jacques Devos

After twenty years of repairing bikes in his father's company, Jacques Devos turned to making comics in 1961. He began his career with Spirou magazine as a writer of numerous "mini-books" for artists like De Gieter, Kiko and Salverius. He soon also worked for the normal pages of Spirou, creating series like 'Tim et Tom' (1962-1965) and 'Whamoka et Whikilowat' (1963-1968) with Louis Salvérius and 'Djinn' with Kiko (1964-1966). With Hubuc, he created the memoires of the Russian spy 'Victor Sébastopol' in 1962. By 1964 he continued the series on his own with irregular appearances throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. In addition to writing for other artists, Devos also did the artwork for some of his own mini-books, mainly those starring characters like 'Schwartzbrot' and 'Superherman'. Between 1969 and 1972, Devos produced several humorous and often absurd comics for Spirou, that appeared under the title 'Farfeluosités de Devos'. He is however best-known for 'Génial Olivier', a genius boy that was already introduced in a mini-book in 1963, but was a regular character in Spirou throughout the 1970s and 1980s. In general, the series dealt with the havoc that Olivier's many inventions caused in his classroom and school, as well as the resulting collisions with his his teacher, M. Rectitude. Devos drew this series, that was collected in 17 books by Dupuis, until his retirement