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Mark Bagley, Art Thibert, Ultimate Spider-Man issue 6 - Comic Strip

Ultimate Spider-Man issue 6

Comic Strip
Planche dans le comics (VF)


Planche Original du comics Ultimate Spider-man.
Première utilisation pour Peter Parker de sa toile d’araignée, celui-ci la teste bien évidement dans son sous sol tout en discutant avec tante May.


Ma premiere planche de comics, j'ai eu un véritable coup de coeur car l'univers Ultimate Spider-man a bercé mes premiers pas dans le monde Marvel.


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About Mark Bagley

Mark Bagley began his career as a technical illustrator for Lockheed. He got into comics by winning the contest in the Marvel Try-Out Book. He was assigned to Marvel's 'Amazing Spider-Man' in 1991, and was a regular artist on the title until 1996. In 2000, he began working on 'Ultimate Spider-man'. Besides 'Spider-Man', Bagley did the first 25 books of 'New Warriors'. Bagley's other credits include 'Alias', 'Fantastic Four', 'Night Thrasher', 'Robocop', and 'Thunderbolts'. Text (c) Lambiek