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Ultimate adventures 4 p.12 by Duncan Fegredo - Comic Strip

Ultimate adventures 4 p.12

Comic Strip

About Duncan Fegredo

Duncan Fegredo started his comics career working for the British magazine, 2000 AD. Fegredo is probably best known for his collaborations with writer Peter Milligan on such projects as: 'Enigma' (1993), 'Face' (1995) and 'Girl' (1996) for DC/Vertigo. Fegredo was the cover artist on numerous Star Wars comics for Dark Horse, as well as 'Shade, the Changing Man' and 'Lucifer' for DC/Vertigo. He is also the penciler of the 'Jay and Silent Bob' mini-series written by Kevin Smith for Oni Press. For Marvel, he has done the Peter David scripted 'Before the Fantastic 4: Reed Richards' mini-series and some issues of 'Spider-Man's Tangled Web'. In 2002, he started working on the 'Ultimate Adventures' mini-series with writer Ron Zimmerman. Text (c) Lambiek
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