Tour de France - Jacques Geus - 2x champion de Belgique by Marc Sleen - Illustration

Tour de France - Jacques Geus - 2x champion de Belgique



About Marc Sleen

Marc Sleen was one of most prominent Flemish comic artists from the post-World War II period. He is best known for his comic series 'Nero', which landed him a place in the 1992 edition of the 'Guinness Book of Records' for being the longest continuous comic strip in existence drawn by one single artist. Sleen drew 'Nero' from 1947 until 1992, producing two strips a day for a staggering 45 years without any assistance. Despite the fact that his record was later broken by Jim Russell (whose series'The Potts' ran for 62 years) Sleen's achievement is all the more amazing considering the fact that between 1947 and 1965 he also had several other comics series in publication, among them 'Piet Fluwijn en Bolleke', 'Pollopof', 'Stropke en Flopke', 'Tom en Tony', 'De Lustige Kapoentjes', 'Doris Dobbel', 'Octaaf Keunink', and last but not least his annual coverage of the Tour de France contest in daily one-panel cartoons. This feat alone would solidify Sleen as a comics legend. But his work is also praised in its own right. By working individually for nearly half a century Sleen managed to maintain a strong, personal vision. His comics are hailed for their inventive and unpredictable stories, nonsensical comedy, political satire, love for the animal world and, above all, their folksy warmth. Text (c) Lambiek


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