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TOPOLINO 1634 - page 9A,10A by Sergio Asteriti, Rudy Salvagnini - Comic Strip

TOPOLINO 1634 - page 9A,10A

Comic Strip
35 x 25 cm (13.78 x 9.84 in.)


Inducks code: I TL 1634-A.
From the episode "Topolino e il Multidimensional trafugato".
Published in Topolino Libretto 1634 by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore in 1987.
This is a very important sequence because it's the one where the Multidimensional, true protagonist of the plot and from which the title of the episode derives, is revealed.

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About Sergio Asteriti

Sergio Asteriti was born in Venice, and studied at the Scuola di Magistero d'Arte, section Publicity. In 1952, he moved to Milan, where he was employed by the advertising agency S.P.I.N.T.A. The agency folded two years later, and Asteriti turned to comics. He made his comics debut with the 'Bingo Bongo' series at the publishing house Alpe in 1955. He soon expanded his activities and did illustration work for various publishers and magazines. Asteriti joined the art studios of Roy d'Ami in the late 1950s. There, he drew for the British Fleetway agency ('Fun in Toyland', 'Freddy Frog', etc.) and for Il Corriere dei Piccoli, where he took over the 'Formichino' series from Roberto Sgrilli. Asteriti has been an artist of Disney comics for Topolino since 1963. From 1974, he also took on the writing of Disney stories. He has mainly done stories with 'Mickey Mouse', but also other characters, such as 'Uncle Scrooge', 'Super Goof', 'Gilbert', 'Tanti Auguri', 'The Prince and the Pauper' 'Indiana Pips'. Text (c) Lambiek