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Tomb Raider/Darkness p.03 by Billy Tan by Billy Tan - Comic Strip

Tomb Raider/Darkness p.03 by Billy Tan

Comic Strip
circa 2000
43.1 x 28 cm (16.97 x 11.02 in.)


Tomb Raider/Darkness #01 p.03 original by Billy Tan.
11''x17'' pencils then inked.
I absolutely adore this page for it gathers both Lara and Sara, so cool and gentle comic characters.

After the robbery of the Pendant of Cleopatra - supposedly worn by the Egyptian queen and legendly making its bearer irrestible to men -, before local police relative disinterest the New York Metropolitan Museum authorities contact Lara Croft for help to recover it fast.
Being in New York City, Lara pay a visit to her cop friend Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) to ask her for tips about the local underwold...


  • Darkness 22 (avec Tomb Raider)
  • Semic
  • 10/2001
  • Page 3

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