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Tif et tondu by Alain Sikorski, Fernand Dineur, Denis Lapière - Comic Strip

Tif et tondu

Comic Strip

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About Alain Sikorski

Alain Sikorski was born in Liège into a Polish-Belgian family. He spent the first sixteen years of his life in Teheran. He nearly made it into the Olympics as part of the Iranian swimming team. After his technical printing studies, he spent his military service in Germany before embarking on a career in advertising. He opened his own studio, but had to close it down in 1987. He then turned to making comics. Together with scenario-writer Denis Lapière, Sikorski took over the series 'Tif et Tondu' from Will and Desberg. Together, they made six albums of this classic series between 1993 and 1997. Afterwards and in the same genre, Sikorski and Lapière began 'La Clé du Mystère', a "whodunit" series of which the final pages in the albums were sealed so that the reader could discover the culprit themselves. In 2008 he succeeded Stédo as the artist of the gag series 'Garage Isidore'. Text (c) Lambiek