Julien/CDM, Yan Lindingre, THE ZUMBIES T.1 - planche 17 - Comic Strip

THE ZUMBIES T.1 - planche 17

Comic Strip
Une case.
Une case.
La cover.


La planche 17 de ce superbe album destroy !
Quel encrage, quelle typo…

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About Julien/CDM

Julien Solé is a regular contributor to the magazine Fluide Glacial, using strange pseudonyms like Julien CDM, Julien/CDM and Ju/CDM. Born in Montreuil as the son of comic artist/illustrator Jean Solé, he published his first work in a fanzine he created with Mo/CDM and Ralph Meyer while still in college. He began his professional career working as an infographic artist, illustrator, animator and comic artist. From 1995, he started working as an artist of infographics for the pioneering website of Fluide Glacial, together with his brother Vincent (Vincent/CDM). The brothers have continued to manage the magazine's site, including the webzine @Fluidz, for many years. By 1997, he published his first short stories scripted by Manu Larcenet in the print magazine. These stories are collected in the album 'A L'Ouest de l'Infini' (1999). In 2000, he began the futuristic series 'Cosmik Roger', that is written by Mo/CDM and published in book format since 2002. He additionally created 'The Zumbies' with Yan Lindingre, of which a book was published in 2010.