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The Phantom partial Sunday Page 08.04.1962 by Bill Lignante, Lee Falk - Comic Strip

The Phantom partial Sunday Page 08.04.1962

Comic Strip


When Wilson McCoy suddenly died in 1961, Bill Lignante was hired as a temporary artist. He finished one McCoy story, and then he drew only one complete Sunday story before Sy Barry took over. But this particular story, Queen Samaris XII, happens to be one of my all-time favorite Phantom stories. I guess the reason is nostalgia - the end of that story made a shocking impression on me when I read it as a small kid. It didn´t matter for me then that Lignante made a small mistake: He showed The Phantom´s eyes.
This upper third tier of a Sunday page is the only original artwork from that story I have been able to put my hands on. Later in the 1960s Lignante drew lots of Phantom stories for the Gold Key/King/Charlton comic book. None of them can compare with the Samaris story, at least not in my view.

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