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Tharg's Future Shock - Salad Days - 2000AD Prog 247 by John Higgins, Alan Moore - Comic Strip

Tharg's Future Shock - Salad Days - 2000AD Prog 247

Comic Strip


Tharg's Future Shock featuring lovely artwork by John Higgins and a story of alien man-eating vegetables from space from the mind of Alan Moore.

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About John Higgins

John Higgins left his home in Liverpool at the age of fifteen. He went to the Far East and studied art in Singapore. On his return to England, he started painting pictures but became disillusioned with commercialism. He entered Wallasey Art College where he studied illustration. In 1990, he found his calling in illustrating science fiction covers. Two years later, he co-wrote and illustrated 'World Without End', a full-color graphic novel for DC Comics of America. He also worked on one of Britain's most popular comic book characters, 'Judge Dredd'. For DC, John Higgins did several horror titles, such as 'Razorjack' and 'Hellblazer'. Text (c) Lambiek