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Tiberio Colantuoni, Tartine ne fais pas ta

Tartine ne fais pas ta "Mariol" - Gare au Gorille !!

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Une histoire lue étant enfant chez le coiffeur à l'âge de sept ans et que je retrouve en planches originales ... pourtant elle est parue le 15/9/1963 dans le numero 126 ...j'avias 2 ans ..bizarre bizarre

Cela fait un effet invraisemblable ..pas de mot pour comprendre comment j'ai pu mémoriser cette histoire??

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About Tiberio Colantuoni

After his studies in ceramics, Tiberio Colantuoni worked as a cercamics painter for five years. He entered the comics field in 1954 under the guidance of Benito Jacovitti. He moved to Milan, where he studied at the Academy di Brera. He illustrated several series for the publishing house Alpe, such as 'Cucciolo', 'Sfortunino', 'Maramao' (created by Luciano Bottaro), 'Sceriffo Fox' (created by Giorgio Rebuffi), 'Volpetto' and 'Nonna Abelarda'. In addition, he joined the publishing house Bianconi in 1955, where he launched his most famous creation, 'Bongo'. He also produced artwork and scripts for 'Felix', 'Braccio di Ferro' ('Popeye') and 'Pinocchio'. Colantuoni alternated his comics work with cartoon work for the daily Il Giorno (1960-1961) and promotional illustrations for Mondadori publishers. From 1963 to 1973, Colantuoni collaborated on Rolf Kauka's 'Fix und Foxi' for the German publisher Kauka Verlag. He joined Il Corriere dei Piccoli in 1974, where he drew the series 'Big Tom' until 1975. As a member of the Bierreci studios, he illustrated the series 'Prato e Asfalto', as well as Disney comics for Topolino since 1974 (often in cooperation with Maria Luisa Uggetti). Text (c) Lambiek