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Sylvain et Sylvette by Jean-Louis Pesch - Comic Strip

Sylvain et Sylvette

Comic Strip
circa 1994
32 x 45 cm (12.6 x 17.72 in.)


Planche 10 de l'album "La grotte de Patatrac" paru aux éditions du Lombard

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About Jean-Louis Pesch

Jean-Louis Pesch, whose real name is Jean-Louis Poisson, was born in Paris. He is a scriptwriter and cartoonist, mainly known for the series Aventures de Sylvain et Sylvette, which he took over in 1956 after the death of its creator, Maurice Cuvillier. His family moved to the village of Anjou only weeks after his birth. It was this rural environment amidst the Loire valley wine country that gave Pesch his love for animals and nature. Another one of his passions was drawing, which he started doing at a young age. Even though Pesch has a big oeuvre of his own, he is mainly remembered for his work on the fairy tale series 'Sylvain et Sylvette'. He has drawn over 4,000 pages with the two orphan children and their animal friends since taking over from its creator Maurice Cuvillier in 1956. He initially worked on the series with writer Claude Dubois, until Fleurus cancelled publication in 1986. Text (c) Lambiek