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Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Alan Weiss, Rick Bryant, Sword of Sorcery 1 Page 14 - Comic Strip

Sword of Sorcery 1 Page 14

Comic Strip


Si Marvel avait pris un tour d'avance irattrapable avec son adaptation de Conan par Barry Windsor-Smith, DC s'est bravement (et brièvement) lancé dans le mouvement avec quelques titres qui n'ont que peu duré, tels ce Sword of Sorcery qui reprenait les aventures de Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser.

Aux commandes de cette série, un jeune Howard Chaykin qui fait immédiatement la démonstration de son talent pour les ambiances médiévales et fantastiques. L'encrage a été confié aux Crusty Bunkers, cette association fluctuante d'artistes en disponibilité temporaire réunie autour de Neal Adams et qui prétait leurs pinceaux au gré des besoins et dont Chaykin était d'ailleurs lui-même membre.

Pas toujours facile de savoir qui a fait quoi ! Heureusement, Neal Adams lui-même a vendu la mêche concernant ce numéro en révélant qu'il en avait assuré l'encrage avec Alan Weiss et Rick Bryant. Pas mal comme équipe !

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About Howard Chaykin

Howard V. Chaykin was born in Newark in 1950. Chaykin started his career in comics as an assistant to Gil Kane. Working in the studio of Wallace Wood, he made his debut with the western 'Shattuck' in Overseas Weekly in cooperation with Nicola Cuti. He also assisted Gray Morrow and Neal Adams. From the early 1970s, Chaykin worked as a freelancer for publishers like Marvel, DC, Warren and Atlas. He started out drawing stories for publications like Marvel Spotlight and Marvel Premiere, working with characters like 'Solomon Kane' and 'Monark Startalker'. In 1974, he created 'Cody Starbuck' for the Star Reach review. In Heavy Metal, he proved himself one of the best authors of science fiction graphic novels. Chaykin pioneered the graphic novel in the USA with 'The Stars my Destination', 'The Swords of Heaven' and 'Flowers from Hell'. In 1977, prior to the movies, he drew the first 'Star Wars' comics with scripts by Roy Thomas for Marvel, which were a very big hit. In 1983, he created the hit seies 'American Flagg!' over at First Comics. Among his best known comics are his DC works 'The Shadow' (1986) and 'Blackhawk' (1988), and his post-modern graphic novel 'Time2' at First Comics (1987), in which he could endulge his love for jazz and New York. In 1988, he created the erotic 'Black Kiss'. Text (c) Lambiek