Barry Kitson, Karl Kesel, James Pascoe, Albert DeGuzman, Superman - Adventures of Superman -

Superman - Adventures of Superman - "Collision Course" #511 P7

Comic Strip
26.7 x 39.4 cm (10.51 x 15.51 in.)

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About Barry Kitson

Barry Kitson is a UK artist, who has worked mainly for DC. He started out with drawing for the UK lines of the Marvel titles 'Spider-Man', 'Spacethieves', and 'Transformers'. After an appearance in 2000 AD and Judge Dredd, he did his first work for DC, namely a 'Batgirl Special'. He has had several DC credits since, such as 'Catwoman' in Action Weekly, 'L.E.G.I.O.N.', 'Adventures of Superman', 'Shadow of the Bat', 'Azrael', 'The Brave and the Bold', 'Batman: Book of the Dead', 'Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight' and 'The Titans'. He did the first 3 issues of 'Empire' for Gorilla Comics, before landing on the title as a penciller and cover artist at DC. Text (c) Lambiek