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Summertime by Vincenzo Cucca - Illustration




Illustration de Hot Charlotte par Vincenzo Cucca que je trouve parfaitement de circonstance en ce premier jour d'été (son vrai titre est Charlotte sur le transat).


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About Vincenzo Cucca

Vincenzo Cucca is an artist with the GG Studio. He attended the Napels Comix School and did his first professional comics work for CrossGen in the US in 2001. There, he worked in a studio with Fabrizio Fiorentinio, Ciro Vignes and Giuseppe Corione on projects like 'Sojourn', 'Scion' and 'Meridian'. He subsequently joined the GG Studio, where he did a short story of 'Wondercity', a comic called 'Maat' for the French publisher Akileos, as well as the 'High School Musical' comic stories. In 2008, he became the new artist on Marvel's 'She-Hulk' comic book, together with colorist Barbara Ciardo. Text (c) Lambiek