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Strip de Kébir, Karaoglan en Turquie by Suat Yalaz - Comic Strip

Strip de Kébir, Karaoglan en Turquie

Comic Strip
circa 1980
Mixed Media
Encre de Chine, lavis et Feutre
15 x 42 cm (5.91 x 16.54 in.)
Un petit format Français : Kébir (années 70)


Pliure au milieu pour l'envoi postal.


J'ai rencontré Suat yalaz quand il habitait les yvelines au début des années 80. Il cherchait un assistant, malheureusement je n'ai pas fait l'affaire, mais ce fût malgré tout bon souvenir. En turquie à la fin des années 60 il a réalisé un film tiré de sa série très populaire : Karaoglan. Un autre film de cette série a été produit en 2013.

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About Suat Yalaz

Suat Yalaz was born in 1932 in Çiçekda, Kayseri, Turkey. Since he was a son of a clerk, he spent his youth in Denizli, Adana and Kayseri. He was only sixteen years old when his cartoons were published in newspaper Erciyes Post. He graduated from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts. While in the academy he worked as one of the youngest cartoonists leading the new movement in the daily newspaper and weekly magazine. When his first comic, 'Karaoglan', drew considerable attention since its beginning in 1963, the doors of the press and cinema were opened to him. Later Yalaz produced eight films, which began the historical and adventure films era in Turkey lasting more than ten years. Suat Yalaz went to Paris in 1971, in order to publish 'Karaoglan' in French. During this seven-year period he didn't sever contact with Turkey. He worked for famous European publishers or Turkish prominent newspapers. After spending great efforts on 'Yoku' which lasted for a half of a century, he gave up his work related to the press in 2001. At present he is preparing the films of animated cartoons of 'Karaoglan' and his other popular strip, 'Yandim Ali'. He also intends to produce a film of 'Karaoglan' with a foreign partner. He is married and has two sons.Suat Yalaz was chosen as Turkish cartoonist of the year 2002. Text (c) Lambiek

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