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Star Wars by Stéphane Créty, Julien Hugonnard-Bert - Comic Strip

Star Wars

Comic Strip

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About Stéphane Créty

Stéphane Créty was born in Charlevilles-Mézières. He held several odd jobs, varying from archeologist and warehouseman to sewage worker, before landing a job with an animation studios. A self-taught artist, he made storyboards, lay-outs and illustrations through the Talkie-Walkie Studios. It was in cooperation with Sylvain and Sandrine Cordurié that he created his first comics for Delcourt in 2003-2004, three books in the series 'Salem le Noire'. They continued their collaboration for the sci-fi series 'Acriborea' in 2006-2008. He has contributed to a couple of books in the Soleil series 'Les Contes du Korrigan' and worked with Sylvain Cordurié again on the short-lived heroic fantasy series 'Les Fleaux d'Enharma' (Delcourt, 2009-2010). Around the same time, he teamed up with Jean-Luc Istin and draws 'Hannibal Meriadec et les larmes d'Odin', a series based on Celtic legends for Soleil since 2009. He also succeeded Guy Michel as the artist of Istin's series 'Le Sang du Dragon' in 2011, and ventures into the field of superheros with 'Masqué', a series in cooperation with Serge Lehman, back at Delcourt from 2011. Text (c) Lambiek