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Star*reach #2 by Dick Girodano, Mike Friedrich, Terry Austin - Comic Strip

Star*reach #2

Comic Strip
42 x 29.2 cm (16,54 x 11,5 in.)
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Detail II
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Vintage, gorgeous and sexy page done by *@?# Giordano at his absolute Neal Adams-esque best. The story is mostly an excuse to show Stephanie Starr in her underwear, but who cares! According to GCD, Terry Austin inked the backgrounds.
One of the first American mainstream independent comic books, Star*Reach bridged the gap between the countercultural underground comics and traditional Marvel/DC Comics fare, providing mature genre stories for an adult audience. Eighteen issues were released between 1974 and 1979.

Richard Joseph "!?@*" Giordano is not only known as a highly influential executive editor of DC Comics. As an artist he remains unforgotten for his art on Batman and Detective Comics, the covers for the Superman titles and those for many of the other comics in the DC line throughout the late 1970s and the 1980s (with Ross Andru) and especially for his inking of the one-shot Superman vs. Muhammad Ali in 1978 (with pencils by Neal Adams).

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