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Smith & Wesson by Pierre Tranchand - Comic Strip

Smith & Wesson

Comic Strip


Une belle page de cette série avant que Tranchand se soit mis à signer Pica. Un beau travail de miniaturiste. Sur un scénario de Corteggiani.

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About Pierre Tranchand

Pierre Tranchard, who often signs with Pica, was born in Saint-Étienne. A graduated architect, he made his comics debut in the "Carte Blanche" section of the magazine Spirou in 1974. Two years later, he was present in Pistil with 'Dorothée' (script by Roha) and 'L'Agence Duplumeau contre Salvador Picassax' (script by Maric), and in Trio with 'Ceux de la forêt'. He became a regular artist with the press agency Fleurus, illustrating strips with 'Diogène', as well as several short stories, for Triolo and Djin. In 1980, Pica and Corteggiani began the humorous adventure series 'Bastos et Zakousky', that was published in Djin, Circus, Gomme and Triolo, and collected in books by Glénat between 1981 and 1986. Also for Pif, they came up with the humorous western 'Smith et Weston', that was published in books by Hachette in 1987 and 1988 and then by Soleil in 1995. Tranchand and Corteggiani published their series 'L'École Abracadabra' in Le Journal de Mickey since 1987 throughout the 1990s. In 1998 they also created 'Monster Motel' for the French Disney magazine. Tranchand and Corteggiani are also the creators of 'Les Gum's', a promotional comic for Cafétaria Casino in the early 1990s. Another notable series by Pica is 'Les Profs', which he makes with Erroc for Le Journal de Mickey since 1998. Text (c) Lambiek