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Sillage - Nävis by Philippe Buchet, Jean-David Morvan - Illustration

Sillage - Nävis

Mixed Media
Papier à dessin
> A4




Original réalisé pour le porfolio "Optimist Maubeuge", édité dans le Blockboster.
Stylo sur papier dessin > qu'un A4.

About Philippe Buchet

Philippe Buchet (born May 7, 1962, in Juniville, Ardennes, France) is a French comic book artist. First working as a freelance illustrator in Paris and Reims, he finally entered comic book terrain with Nomad, on which he worked with Jean-David Morvan. He also worked for the magazine Dragon, and created Wake together with Morvan. While working for Dragon he collaborated with Morvan on a sword and sorcery series La Quête des réponses, which came out as a single album in 1998.

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