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Short RIBS by Frank Hill - Comic Strip

Short RIBS

Comic Strip


Strip de Frank Hill pour le Short Ribs Daily du 28/11/1980.

C'est con, mais j'adore cet humour.

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About Frank Hill

Frank Hill is a cartoonist, illustrator and designer, whose work has appeared in newspapers, books, comics and a host of other media. Throughout his career, he has mainly been a ghost artist and assistant for others, having worked with such creators as Frank O'Neal, Hank Ketcham, Charles M. Schulz and Lee Holley. Born in 1929, Frank Richard Hill studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and subsequently served in the Navy, where he designed training aids and squadron insignias. After his military service he worked for Growers Container Corporation, and then found employment with ad agencies as a layout artist. He served as Art Director for Behavioral Laboratories, where he developed educational material. Hill also helped Lee Blair, one of Disney's top animators, with character design and storyboards for a number of TV commercials. Hill has furthermore worked for Determined Productions, Worlds of Wonder, Rock-It Science and Smith Novelty Frank on the designs of toys, point-of-purchase displays and other 3-D material.