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Sara Lone tome 1 Pinky Princess dédicace Sara Lone by Érik Arnoux - Sketch

Sara Lone tome 1 Pinky Princess dédicace Sara Lone

Felt-tip pen
Dédicace sur bd


Sara Lone tome 1 Pinky Princess dédicace Sara Lone


dédicace d'Arnoux Erik


Le dessinateur de cette série est David Morancho et Erik Arnoux est le scénariste.
Mais la dédicace est faite par Erik Arnoux

About Érik Arnoux

After completing his Graphic Arts studies in Paris, Érik Arnoux worked at the Penninghen studios for a while. He made his professional debut in 1977 as the editor-in-chief of Plein Pot, where he also published his first comics. He also became artistic director of Hanna-Barbara France, where he made numerous comic adaptations of television series like 'Scooby Doo'. After creating some advertising comics during the 1980s, Arnoux took on a realistic style and started the series 'Timon des Blés' in Vécu, together with scenario writer Daniel Bardet. In 1994 he started writing his own scenarios, which resulted in 'Sophaletta', a series set in the tsaristic Russia of the 19th century. Arnoux eventually handed over the artwork of the series to Dominique Hé. Arnoux is also the scenarist of the police series 'Celadon Run', drawn by Élie Klimos and later Frank Brichau and Alain Queireix. In 2000, he took over the scriptwork of 'Les Aigles Décapitées, a historical series drawn by Michel Pierret for Glénat. A year later, he took on 'Witness 4' with the artist Chrys Millien at Soleil. In 2002, he was back at Glénat with 'La Dernière Fée du Pays d'Arvor', drawn by Jean-Marie Michaud. Text (c) Lambiek

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