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San Antonio by Henry Blanc, Frédéric Dard, Robert Mallat - Comic Strip

San Antonio

Comic Strip
circa 1970
19.5 x 50 cm (7.68 x 19.69 in.)


Strip 11 d'une histoire de San Antonio pour France-Soir, par Henry Blanc


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About Henry Blanc

In 1957, Henry Blanc became one of the main providers of daily comic strips for newspaper France-Soir. His daily feature 'Le Jeu des 7 Erreurs' started in 1959 and ran for more than 30 years. Between 1957 and 1960, he produced a comic strip adaptation of 'Signé Furax' with writer Robert Mallat. Furax was a famous French radioplay by Pierre Dac and Francis Blanche at the time. Blanc drew 1174 strips of the comic. Later on, he also made comic adaptations of 'Le Jugement Dernier', 'Les Mystères de Paris 1962' and 'Les Enquêtes du Commissaire San-Antonio' for the paper. Blanc's version 'San-Antonio' ran for twelve years between 1963 and 1975 and was based on the best-selling humorous detective novels of Frédéric Dard. Henry Blanc has also worked for Jour de France ('Ferdinand et Véronique' from 1963 to 1968), Le Journal du Dimanche ('Les Bons Dimanches de Monsieur Blanc', 1961-62), Ici Paris (humorous drawings between 1963 and 1980) and Amis-Coop ('La Famille Campanule', 1983-1987). Only few of his many comic strips and cartoons have been collected in book format. Henry Blanc passed away in March 2013 at the age of 91. Text (c) Lambiek

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