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Ryan Sook - Futures End #19 cover by Ryan Sook - Original Cover

Ryan Sook - Futures End #19 cover

Original Cover


Power-Girl vs Deathstroke

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About Ryan Sook

Ryan Sook is an American comic book artist, known for his work on books such as Seven Soldiers: Zatanna, X-Factor and The Spectre. His style has been compared to that of Mike Mignola, Adam Hughes and Kevin Nowlan.Sook's first professional work was in Challengers of the Unknown #15 published in 1998. For the next 2 years he worked primarily on books for Dark Horse, including several stories set in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe, as well as 2 creator-owned projects in Dark Horse Presents: Witch's Son & Ragnok, with writer John Arcudi. He has also inked over Matt Smith's pencils in Lobster Johnson: The Killer in My Skull, a back-up story in Hellboy: Box Full of Evil #1.

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