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Roy Crane Wash Tubbs Daily 1926 - Comic Strip

Roy Crane Wash Tubbs Daily 1926

Comic Strip
66 x 21 cm (25.98 x 8.27 in.)


Signed in the last panel


Beautiful large (66cmx21cm!!!) Wash Tubbs daily by the great Roy Crane. Published November 12th 1926 as part of one of his early adventure stories, making this one of the (If not THE) earliest surviving WT daily from an adventure sequence. To my knowledge there are less than 10 known surviving WT dailies from the 1920´s (4-5 from 1924, the first year, and only 2-3 full dailies & a few partial dailies/panels from 1925-1929).
I just love the way Crane drew them rushing off in the second panel...
This was hidden away in an Ohio basement for 70+ years, then rescued by a Crane connoisseur who bestowed this gem up to me....

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About Roy Crane

Royston Campbell Crane, who signed his work Roy Crane, was an American cartoonist who created the comic strip characters Wash Tubbs, Captain Easy and Buz Sawyer. He pioneered the adventure comic strip, establishing the conventions and artistic approach of that genre. Comics historian R. C. Harvey wrote, "Many of those who drew the earliest adventure strips were inspired and influenced by his work