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Michel Pirus, Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Véronique Dorey, Rose Profond !! La nuit s'approche au démon ! - Comic Strip

Rose Profond !! La nuit s'approche au démon !

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Formidable histoire d'une grande violence avec un dessin virtuose de Michel Pirus ...
Une superbe réédition en 2015 pour lire et relire cette grande création.

Un remarquable travail de coloriste par Véronique Dorey à souligner !


  • Rose profond
  • Casterman
  • 01/2015
  • Page 16

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About Michel Pirus

Michel Pirus was born in Thionville in 1962. He studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Reims, but this became a fiasco. After his military service, he started contributing to magazine Metal Hurlant. Together with Dionnet, he created his debut 'Rose Profond', published by Albin Michel in 1989. He met Mezzo and they teamed up on a series of dark comic stories, published in the Frank Margerin Présente series, and also on 'Deux Tueurs' for Éditions Delcourt. On his own, Pirus created 'Plip', about a rectangular planet, in which he used a graphic style that became very popular. He has also worked together with Charlie Schlingo, with whom he created 'Canetor' for magazine Picsou and Ferraille Illustré. Text (c) Lambiek