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Ron Rege Jr., Ron Regé Jr. - Beasts! - Original Illustration

Ron Regé Jr. - Beasts!

Original Illustration
circa 2007
14" x 17"


"The Nordic Draug haunts the seas surrounding northern Europe, and it is said (by those few who have survived to observe it) that the lone watery spirit traverses those waters in but half a boat. Appearing as a drowned man with a seaweedy head, this zombie-like creature, perhaps denied a proper burial in life, warns sailors of their imminent doom. Ill fortune may come in the form of death, piracy, foundering, or simple sea-madness, but it will surely come. Some varieties of Draug are said to assume the forms of seaside stones, but little is known about them."


  • Beasts!: Book One
  • Fantagraphics
  • 2009-01-06
  • Interior page

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