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Philippe Bercovici, François Corteggiani, Robinson et Zoé - Quand la ville dort - Comic Strip

Robinson et Zoé - Quand la ville dort

Comic Strip
30 x 42 cm (11.81 x 16.54 in.)


Robinson et Zoé.
R.C. Quand la ville dort, p.3


Une planche de ma période préférée de Bercovici, avec un trait fouillé, touffu, sans être brouillon.

Une autre planche de Bercovici :


  • Robinson et Zoé
  • Glénat
  • 01/1984
  • Page 25


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About Philippe Bercovici

Philippe Bercovici is a French comics artist of Franco-Belgian comics. Having illustrated a wide range of series, Bercovici is perhaps most known for Les Femmes en Blanc written by Cauvin, started in 1981.Initially under the pseudonym Thélonius, he drew the gag series Le Boss written by Zidrou, revolving around the chief editor of Spirou magazine. Known for working at unusually high speeds, in 1999 Bercovici illustrated an entire issue of Spirou on his own (No. 3183), imitating the styles of the other regular artists, including the continuing stories. Bercovici has also drawn the 2010 satire album Robert Parker: Les Sept Pêchés capiteux, written by Benoist Simmat concerning American wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr.