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René Hausman - Dédicace by René Hausman - Sketch

René Hausman - Dédicace

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About René Hausman

The self-taught artist René Hausman has distinguished himself with his notable watercolor technique and the effective typecasting of animals and fable characters. Hausman published some animal illustrations in Tintin in 1958, but he found his spot in the competing magazine Spirou later that year. Together with editor-in-chief Yvan Delporte, he created his first comic pages about the pre-historical characters 'Saki et Zunie'. The series, that was also called just 'Saki' or 'Saki, Zunie et la Nature' appeared irregularly throughout the 1960s. Hausman estrablished himself as a talented illustrator of animal kingdoms, which became his trademark for many years. He became the illustrator of the weekly animal section 'Bestiaire' and even got his own collection published by Dupuis, called 'Terre Entière', that contained books about animals but also illustrated fairytales. He had his real breakthrough on the comics field with the creation of the fairytale heroine 'Laiyna' in the mid 1980s. Together with scriptwriter Pierre Dubois, Hausman created two stories with the character, 'La Forteresse de Pierre' and 'Le Crépuscule des Elfes', that where later collected in Dupuis' prestigious Aire Libre collection. Text (c) Lambiek