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Reding, Le 3eme bras de Kan Shin by Raymond Reding - Comic Strip

Reding, Le 3eme bras de Kan Shin

Comic Strip
Case 2
Case 5


Planche bourrée de détails ou le talent de Reding s'exprime.. sans le moindre élément sportif...
Les Cases 2 et 5 sont de superbes dessins de monuments de Birmanie, on sent que l'auteur à eu beaucoup de plaisir à réaliser cette composition.

About Raymond Reding

After a short period at L'Aiglon (1949), Reding joined the editorial team of Tintin in 1950. He started out with a biography on Saint Vincent de Paul ('Monsieur Vincent l'Ami des Pauvres'), which was followed by 'Le Pacte de Pashutan' and 'Le Chinois au Manteau Rouille'. But his first claim to fame came with the creation of Jari Lorrain and Jimmy Torrent, the main characters of 'Jari', Reding's series about the adventures of a tennis pro and his young ward. The series started in 1957, and the first album came out in 1960. In addition to his work for Tintin, Reding produced short stories for magazines like Spirou (1953) and Line (1956-58). In 1963, Reding's first soccer hero appeared: 'Vincent Larcher', a center forward playing at AC Milan, who experienced all sorts of adventures together with his friend, Olympio. In 1971, Reding created 'Section R', about two former top athletes operating as research journalists and crime solvers. In 1977 Reding created 'Fondation King' for Dargaud. In 1979, Reding left Tintin and took 'Section R' and its female hero Sophie Ravenne to the football magazine Footy. In the same year, Reding and his colleague Françoise Hugues created 'Eric Castel', a character that had been introduced as 'Max Falk' back in 1974. Text (c) Lambiek


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DogMengo Très belle planche !! Presque 30 ans après l'édition du 1ier album de cette série, j'attends toujours avec autant d'impatience le 2ième album :):) ;);)
Oct 13, 2017, 2:23 PM
Bdamien Voila un auteur un peu oublié, que l'on a toujours plaisir à revoir !! Belle planche, que de détail ! Avec une chute tout en suspens :)
Jun 7, 2017, 6:06 PM
FH60 Ca engrange en ce moment!
Jun 3, 2017, 7:19 PM
oscarls1 Temple, avion, voiture, ça sent l'aventure ! Très belle composition
Jun 2, 2017, 9:26 PM