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Norbert Fersen, Record n° 13 - Pat O' Beur - couverture - Original Cover

Record n° 13 - Pat O' Beur - couverture

Original Cover
31 x 32.5 cm (12.2 x 12.8 in.)
La revue


Couverture originale du magazine Record n° 13 ed bayard, avec le héros Pat O' Beur (faut oser !)

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About Norbert Fersen

Norbert Fersen was present in Tintin magazine from 1963, with illustrated advertisements like 'Les Aventures de Scotty'. He also made the continuing stories 'GAL 33-80' and 'D'Artimon et Laflibuste' (under the signature Enèf, script by Jité) for the magazine, as well as several illustrations throughout the 1960s. For Record, he made series like 'Gédéon Delapeur' and 'Pat O'Beur' in the period 1962-65. He also did some illustrations for Pilote. For the SFPI/MCL, he has made an adaptation of 'Mademoiselle Caroline' in 1971 (two books published by Hachette), and several TV series like 'Bobino et Botinette', 'Big Houdy et Captain Foc' (in Zorry Kid), and 'UHG' (Comicorama). In Mike Mag, he drew comics with the TV character 'Nestor le Pingouin' in 1975, and new stories with Otto Messmer and Pat Sullivan's 'Felix le Chat' (9 albums, 1971-75). Fersen drew three albums in the series 'Histoires du Temps Jadis en BD', scripted by Jean Chapelle, the publisher of SFPI (Éditions Domino, 1975-76). From 1977 to 1983, he worked for the publisher Télé-Junior, where he edited texts and made comic adaptations of animated TV series like 'Capitaine Caverne' (based on Hanna & Barbera's 'Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels'), 'Les Fous du Volant' , 'Goldorak' , and 'Momo et Ursul'. Text (c) Lambiek