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Que la prospérité soit de retour dans les galeries d'art !! by Ernie Bushmiller - Comic Strip

Que la prospérité soit de retour dans les galeries d'art !!

Comic Strip


Je trouve très amusant ce gag et bien vu .
Toujours l'efficacité graphique remarquable de ce très grand dessinateur .

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About Ernie Bushmiller

Ernie Bushmiller is best known for 'Nancy', one of the classic American children's comics. The little chubby girl made her first appearance in 1933, received her own comic in 1938 and is still in global syndication today. The series is a striking example of a comic far more popular with the general public than critics. Its simple-minded style and corny jokes have frequently been subject of cynical ridicule. Yet, contrary to other comics with a similar reputation 'Nancy' did manage to gain an unexpected cult following. Many young children who just learn to read enjoy 'Nancy' because the gags are understandable at their level. Some adult readers adore its awkward comedy, while some professional critics and cartoonists have even come forward to defend Bushmiller's craft in making instantly readable and understandable comics with very minimalistic means. Text (c) Lambiek