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Promethea 3, page 2 by J.H. Williams III, Mike Gray, Alan Moore - Comic Strip

Promethea 3, page 2

Comic Strip


The earliest issues of Promethea actually had stories - not only explorations of Moore´ s Idea Space concept and various strands of Esoteric and Occult thought and images.


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About J.H. Williams III

Jim H. Williams III began his comic book career in the mid 1990s, pencilling 'Deathwish' for Milstone Media. He then did DC's short-lived 'Chase' title, which he made with D. Curtis Johnson. He formed a team with inker Mick Gray, working together on the 'Elseworlds' graphic novels 'Justice Riders' and 'Son of Superman'. Williams then had a run on Wildstorm's 'Promethia' with Alan Moore (1999-2005). He teamed up with Warren Ellis to launch 'Desolation Jones' at Wildstorm in 2005 and participated in Grant Morrison's 'Seven Soldiers' project. He has additionally done art on 'Batman' and 'Jonah Hex, before becoming the regular artist on 'Detective Comics' with writer Greg Rucka in 2009 Text (c) Lambiek