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Plomberie GÉNÉRALE by Jean Solé - Illustration

Plomberie GÉNÉRALE

Mixed Media


Un cadeau, une illustration réalisée par Jean Solé sur un Livre d'or vierge, le second de la série... Une surprise stupéfiante lorsque je découvre l'objet que le courrier me délivre après quelques mois d'impatience; C'était il y a bien longtemps...en 1988.

About Jean Solé

Jean Solé is a French comic artist and illustrator, who stood out for the absurd and sometimes psychedelic drawings he made for magazines like Pilote, Fluide Glacial and L'Écho des Savanes. Born in Vic Fezensac, Gers, he made his first appearance in Pilote magazine in 1971. He participated on several news pages in cooperation with Guy Vidal, Jacques Lob, and Jean-Marie Pélaprat, and also made a great many caricatures. He made the psychedelic comics serial 'Jean Cyriaque' with scenario-writer Jean-Pierre Dionnet in 1972-1973, but became best known for his full-page illustrations of grotesque fantasy animals. Text (c) Lambiek

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