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Planche d'Angelo Raffaele Todaro (Paul Bennett) by Angelo Raffaele Todaro, Paul Bennett - Comic Strip

Planche d'Angelo Raffaele Todaro (Paul Bennett)

Comic Strip


Encre sur carton. Planche titre d'une histoire publiée par Elvifrance


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About Angelo Raffaele Todaro

Born in the Province of Taranto, Angelo Todaro moved to Rome at the beginning of the 1960s to attend the Artistic High School. He started cartooning for a local publisher in 1964, drawing the new comic character 'Gordon Scott' (in the tradition of 'Diabolik') and later the science fiction strip 'Alika' (1966). In 1967 he started collaborating with the Fratelli Spada Editori in Ciampino near Rome. For this publishing house, he drew primarily stories with 'Mandrake'. He also worked with other USA characters, such as 'L'Uomo Mascherato' ('The Phantom') and a few episodes of 'Rip Kirby' (he signed these with the pseudonym Al Todd). Todaro then joined the comic agency of Alberto Giolitti, and began producing comics for publications abroad. Todaro worked on police series ('FBI') and westerns ('Lasso', 'Buffalo Bill') for the German Bastei Verlag. Several years later he drew war stories for three large weeklies of the Publishing House IPC in London, these comics were printed also in Italy with the name 'Collana Eroica'. Also for IPC, he produced the sports feature 'Martin's Marvelous Mini' in Tiger. Simultaneously, Todaro collaborated with Giolitti as his inker in creating two comic books for The Western Company of the United States: 'Turok' and 'Star Trek'. In addition for his foreign work, Todaro made a series of albums under the pseudo Paul Bennett