Piroton et WALTHERY, pl de

Piroton et WALTHERY, pl de "Vacances manquées"

Comic Strip


Sur un scénario de Raoul Cauvin, Jess Long sous le crayon de Piroton croise des Natacha gonflables sous le trait de Walthery (ainsi qu'il l'atteste au bas de la planche).

About Raoul Cauvin

Raoul Cauvin is one of Europe's most successful and productive scriptwriters of humorous comics, and one of the pillars of Spirou magazine and the publishing house Dupuis since the 1960s. Among his best-known works are historical adventure series like 'Les Tuniques Bleues' (1968) and 'Sammy' (1970), as well as many humorous gag and short story features like 'L'Agent 212' (1975), 'Les Femmes en Blanc' (1981), 'Pierre Tombal' (1983) and 'Cédric' (1986). Cauvin's success can be attributed to the fact that he is capable of writing both funny situation comedy as well as captivating emotional narratives. While most of his work is child-oriented and light-hearted, certain series also deal with morbid themes and gallows humour. Something can be said for the fact that Cauvin basically helped Spirou move along with the changing public taste from the late 1960s on. It's one of the reasons why the magazine still remains a best-seller today and why Cauvin is regarded as a living legend by them. While the man is predominantly a comics writer he also drew one obscure comic strip personally: 'Zotico' (1981).

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