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Philippe reyt seul à table dans sa cuisine by Laurent Lolmède - Illustration

Philippe reyt seul à table dans sa cuisine

Felt-tip pen

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About Laurent Lolmède

Laurent Lolmède was born in Figeac, and attended an advertising art school in Bordeaux and the School of Decorative Arts in Paris. While working in the advertising field, he published his own fanzine Ah!. He also kept his own comics diary, which he collected in his self-published series of 'Extraits Naturels de Carnets'. These booklets were at first only distributed among family and friends, but later on they reached a larger audience when publisher Alain Beaulet collected them in four big annuels from 1996 to 2000. Starting in 1999, La Comédie Illustré began reprinting the original 'Extraits Naturels'. In addition, Lolmède has created 'L'Artriste' for Le Simo (1994) and 'Lui contre Maua' (with Stéphane Blaquet, 1994), 'Une Brève Histoire d'Amour' (1995) and 'Le Vie Auchan' (1996) for Chacal Puant. Text (c) Lambiek