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Romano Scarpa, Rodolfo Cimino, Paperino e la farfalla di Colombo page - Comic Strip

Paperino e la farfalla di Colombo page

Comic Strip


This is page 17 from the Paperino e la farfalla di Colombo (Uncle Scrooge and the Columbus butterfly) story. First published in 1962, in the Italian Topolino comic book No 328.


The Italian Romano Scarpa is one of the great Disney artists of all time. His prime period is 1957-1963. Finally, thanks to Glenat, his best work will also be available in French in a handsome collected edition.

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About Romano Scarpa

Romano Scarpa is by many considered the grandmaster of Italian Disney comics. He cancelled his commercial studies to devote himself to his passions: graphics and animation. After World War II, he co-founded an animation studios, where he animated some fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen. He joined the Italian Disney publisher Mondadori in 1953, where he started out doing stories with 'Topolino' ('Mickey Mouse'), strongly inspired by the atmosphere and suspense of the old Gottfredson newspaper strips. He has worked a lot with the talented scriptwriter Guido Martina, but he has also written various stories by himself. Although mainly a 'Mickey' artist, Scarpa has also drawn various classic Italian 'Donald Duck' stories. During his long and versatile collaboration with the Italian Disney production, he has added several character to the Disney universe, such as Atomino Bip Bip, Trudy, Brigitta, Filo Sganga, Plottigatt, Paperetta Yè Yè and Bruto. His work has been an inspiration to several generations of Italian Disney artists, including Giorgio Cavazzano, who developed the modern Italian Disney style. In 1954, Scarpa completely left the animation field to spend all his time creating comics. In addition to his Disney work, Romano Scarpa has also illustrated stories with such characters as 'Lupo'