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Outretombe - Nathan et Théo by Richard Di Martino, Simon Léturgie - Sketch

Outretombe - Nathan et Théo



Eo Tome 2 Loup y es-tu ?

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About Richard Di Martino

Richard Di Martino studied Graphics and Advertisement, and began his career with several agencies. From 1998, he worked as a storyboard artist at an animation studio in Marseille for two and a half years. Di Martino developed his first comic series, called 'Malek Sliman', while working in the studios. A trilogy of books starring this detective, written by Bruno Falba, was published by Vents d'Ouest between 2000 and 2002. By 2001 Di Martino founded the Zarmatelier studios with his former studio colleague Bruno Bessadi. The duo participated in the fanzine Kérozène, created short stories for the Semic pocket Yuma in cooperation with Eric Stoffel, and additionally did some contributions to Le Journal de Spirou. From 2003 until 2006, he worked on another series for Vents d'Ouest, called 'Outre Tombe', with scriptwriters Jean and Simon Léturgie. With Simon Léturgie, he also made a comics adaptation of Molière's 'George Dandin' in 2006. He then made a one shot about rock guitarist 'Eddy L'Angoisse' for Paquet in 2008. He is a regular artist with Éditions Bamboo since 2008 on series like 'Les Fondus', 'Tattoo Mania' and 'Cléo', and on some fairytale adaptations with Hélène Beney. Text (c) Lambiek