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Oscar Hamel et Isodore - La Cité Oubliée - planche 19 by Frédéric-Antonin Breysse - Comic Strip

Oscar Hamel et Isodore - La Cité Oubliée - planche 19

Comic Strip
circa 1951
30 x 22 cm (11.81 x 8.66 in.)


Très rare



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About Frédéric-Antonin Breysse

When Frédéric-Antonin Breysse left school in 1923, he became an apprentice lithographer. Eight years later, he worked for a printer in Lyon, making posters and commercial prints. In 1940 he moved to Paris, where he was employed by the publisher Fleurus. By 1952, he was chief of the department of design. Apart from this, he made comics, starting in 1945 in the first issue of the magazine Message aux Coeurs Vaillants. He created the famous characters Oscar Hamel and his dog Titus, who were soon joined by cousin Isidore. The series 'Oscar et Isidore' became quite a success. In addition to this series, Breysse has contributed to Fripounet, Ima and the collection Belles Histoires et Belles Vies. Breysse's graphic style is reminiscent of Hergé and Jijé. He died in September 2001.