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Original page Comanche 12 page 11 - De Roofdieren by Michel Rouge - Comic Strip

Original page Comanche 12 page 11 - De Roofdieren

Comic Strip

About Michel Rouge

Michel Rouge studied Graphic Arts in Paris. He also took courses in Applied Art by Yves Got and Georges Pichard, while dividing his time between travelling and drawing. In 1977, he was hired by the publishing house Vaillant to assist André Chéret on the 'Rahan' comic in Pif Gadget. He then created his first comic for Trio from a script by Maric and collaborated with Norma on episodes of 'Capitaine Apache' in Pif Gadget. By 1978, he began a collaboration with writer Rodolphe, that resulted in the heroic fantasy album 'Légendes de l'Éclatée' (Kesselring, 1979) and the first three books of the historical series 'Les Écluses du Ciel' (Glénat, 1983-1985). Rouge then drew the first two books of the midieval series 'Les Héros Cavaliers', written by Patrick Cothias, and published by Glénat in 1986 and 1988. In 1989, Michel Greg asked him to revive the 'Comanche' series, the classic Lombard western that was originally drawn by Hermann. Following the death of the writer, Rouge resumed his collaboration with Rodolphe for the 15th book in 2002. By 2000, Rouge also drew the third 'Marshall Blueberry' book, from a script by Jean Giraud. Text (c) Lambiek
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JCS very impressive collection !
Apr 2, 2019, 6:25 AM