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O-rok homme de pierre by Ramon Monzon - Comic Strip

O-rok homme de pierre

Comic Strip
38 x 26.5 cm (14.96 x 10.43 in.)
Avec le calque des couleurs


Histoire parue dans Tartine n°367

About Ramon Monzon

Ramon Monzon created his first comics for the Spanish market. Although, his real interest lay elsewhere. Fascinated by painting and plastic arts, Monzon thought Paris was the place to be. However, his passion didn't earn him enough money, so Monzon returned to creating comics. After some first publications in Âmes Vaillantes, he met José Cabrero Arnal, who brought him to the Vaillant magazine. Here, he started his series 'Cha'pa et Group-Group', which ran from 1956 to 1965. For the same magazine he illustated 'Jehan des Bis' and 'Finnekin Jones'. In the 1960s Ramon Monzon worked for Bayard, the Bonne Presse groupe, Francs-Jeux and Pilote, creating several series. For his comics, he worked with several famous artists, such as Nikita Mandryka, Fred and Jean-Marc Reiser. In 1969 he also started a cooperation with Amis-Coop magazine, where he remained until 1989. In 1968 he joined the S.F.P.I. (Société Française de Presse Illustrée), for which he drew characters like Pat Patrick, Fausto, Jim Jess, O'Rok and Trap Trappeur for numerous magazines. Monzon felt underpayed, and left Paris in 1973. Setteling in Les Landes, he took on painting again. He continued making comics for Pistil ('Bouzouk, le Petit Prince', with Jean-Paul Tibéri) and Gomme ('Testar le Robot' with François Corteggiani). Text (c) Lambiek

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