Nathan Never

Nathan Never "Oltre il tempo e lo spazio" de Gino Vercelli

Comic Strip
circa 1999
Mixed Media


Planche n°221 signée de Nathan Never r "Oltre il tempo e lo spazio" par Gino Vercelli

la page est faite de photocopies sur lesquelles ont été apposées les phylactères !



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About Gino Vercelli

Gino Vercelli studied at the Istituto Statale d'Arte and the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin. He began his career in comics at the d'Ami studios in Milan, where he did illustrations and a first comic for the magazine 1984. From 1981 to 1984, he alternated with advertising art and short stories for magazines like Boy Music and Lanciostory. He joined Bonelli publishers in 1988, where he illustrated series like 'La Stirpe di Elän' and 'Magic Patrol' in Zona X. He also joined the staff of 'Martin Mystère' and 'Jonathan Steele'. He was the artist of the 'Martin Mystère'/'Nathan Never' cross-over 'Prigioniero del Futuro' in 1996. Text (c) Lambiek