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NATHAN  NEVER by Roberto De Angelis - Illustration


Pencils and inks on a bristol board.
32 x 25 cm (12.6 x 9.84 in.)
"la fanteria dello spazio" TP collection.
Some pages previews.
Some pages previews 1.
Some pages previews 2.
"fenice" cover The 3rd chapter of the saga.


Original study.


Signed by Roberto De Angelis.


Original study 25 x 32 cm, pencils and inks, for the character Nathan Never by Roberto De Angelis, one of the very best artist for the italian homonym serie edited by Bonelli. De Angelis is a great artist, specially for human body anatomy and mecha design, so his style is really perfect for this sci- fi serie. His best work in my opinion is: "La fanteria dello spazio" four chapter saga loosely inspired on "Starship troppers" bestselling classic novel written by Robert A. Heinlen in 1959.

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About Roberto De Angelis

Roberto De Angelis (born 16 December 1959) is an Italian comic book artist. Born in Naples, De Angelis debuted in the comics world in 1981. He subsequently collaborated on adult and splatter comics series. In 1989 he started to work for Sergio Bonelli Editore, Italy's most popular comic book publisher, with some stories for Nathan Never, becoming the regular cover artist for the series with #60. In 1992 he finished his most acclaimed work, Kor-One. He also collaborated on Bonelli's Legs Weaver, a Nathan Never spin-off.